• Roz Thornton

Why do we exist? - the first critical question leaders should ask

Why do we exist? is the first of seven questions we ask leaders to consider when working with them on the ‘Align Phase’ of our leadership development programmes. To answer the question, leaders must identify the organisation’s core purpose - that is, the underlying reason for its existence. This is a critical question to answer because it helps to create clarity and a compelling shared vision, which is the first step in aligning a leadership team around an organisation’s purpose, values and strategy.

When a leadership team comes together to define the organisation’s core purpose, they should be looking for an idealistic reason for its existence which resonates with those who work within it. Another way to phrase the question is ‘What are we bringing to the world that would be missing if we weren’t here?’

As human beings, we need to know that at the heart of the work we do there’s a higher purpose. This is not about ‘getting more’, which is an indicator of success, rather than a core purpose. Rather, it’s about uncovering the organisation’s ‘why?’, which acts as a call to connect people in order to accelerate engagement.

Once the leadership team has landed on the organisation’s core purpose, it’s important for it to be expressed as a simple statement - clear and distilled - so that everyone can understand it. And the leadership team must live and breathe it, so that it filters down throughout the whole organisation to become a compelling shared vision around which everyone can unite.

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