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How we came to be…

The roots of our organisation stem from the lifelong friendship between Roz and Becs. 


Their careers initially took very different paths - Roz focused on her passion for working with vulnerable young people, developing and managing services designed to support young homeless people in developing the necessary life skills to successfully transition into adult life. Meanwhile, Becs shaped her career in the corporate sector, initially working in the medical industry before commencing her leadership journey in HR and people development in the automotive and hospitality industries.

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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” Henry Ford

Over the years, despite working in very different sectors, both shared a common connection around their desire to enable people to realise their potential; sharing their experiences and insights with one another. Eventually their careers started to converge. Both became qualified coaches and MBTI practitioners, gaining extensive experience working with individuals and groups. Yet they became increasingly frustrated with the limitations created by the cultures of many of organisations with which they worked, which invariably consisted of politics, confusion and low morale.  


Eager to discover a way to create the conditions needed for people to thrive, Roz then encountered the concept of Organisational Health through the work of Patrick Lencioni, and was fortunate enough to train with his business - The Table Group. Becoming one of his Principal Consultants, Roz worked directly with CEOs and senior leaders to improve business performance, using Patrick’s ‘Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ and ‘Advantage’ models. Excited by the impact of this work, Becs' passion for the philosophy of Organisational Health was ignited and together they combined their respective knowledge and experiences to evolve their approach. 


Today Roz and Becs work with a team of extraordinarily talented individuals who collectively focus on business transformation through the specialism of Organisational Health. They build high performing leadership teams who are behaviourally cohesive and intellectually aligned; able to inspire and engage their people and to create the conditions needed for their people and their businesses to thrive.